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Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of French-inspired coffee culture at Canard Café Bar, where the essence of Parisian charm meets artisanal excellence. Co-founded by Sebastien Muller and Gaston Ferreyra, Canard is not just a coffee shop—it's a celebration of refined French elegance, offering an exquisite selection of artisanal coffees, decadent desserts, and meticulously crafted sandwiches.

At the heart of Canard's philosophy is the tradition of "faire un canard," a testament to our dedication to creating memorable coffee experiences. Each cup of coffee at Canard is more than a beverage—it's a narrative, intricately woven with passion and precision. 

Strategically nestled in the vibrant communities of Jersey City Urby and Stamford Urby, Canard presents a chic yet welcoming haven amidst the urban hustle. Whether you're starting your day in Jersey City or seeking a tranquil respite in Stamford, Canard is your go-to destination for breakfast, lunch, or a delectable afternoon indulgence.

Embark on a Journey with Canard Café Bar:

- Exquisite Coffee: Savor the rich, nuanced flavors of our freshly roasted coffee, meticulously brewed to capture the essence of French coffee artistry.
- Crafted with Care: Indulge in our artisanal sandwiches, where each ingredient is thoughtfully selected and locally sourced to create culinary masterpieces.
- French-Inspired Indulgences: Treat yourself to an array of decadent desserts and pastries, each a tribute to the splendor of French patisserie.
- A Community Sanctuary: Canard is more than a café; it's a vibrant community hub where neighbors gather, friendships flourish, and every visit is an occasion.
- Tailored Events: Transform your events with Canard's bespoke catering and private services. Whether it's a corporate function, a social soirée, or a celebratory event, our team is committed to crafting an exceptional experience that resonates with your unique vision.

Dive into the elegance and warmth of Canard Café Bar, your slice of Paris in Jersey City Urby and Stamford Urby. Let every visit be an adventure, every cup a story, and every moment a cherished memory at Canard.